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Verification items of large current generator

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The design of the large current generator adopts the single-chip control technology, which makes the operation of the instrument simple and convenient. The performance is reliable and stable throughout the test process, and the readings are intuitive and fast. The application of high-precision sensors effectively guarantees the accuracy of the test data. The test unit of the whole machine includes high-precision millisecond meter, true effective value ammeter, current sensor, voltage regulator, high-power current booster, microcomputer controller, printing function and other parts.

Primary Current Injection Test Set.png

Note for verification of high current generator transformer:

1. When verifying the transformer of a high current generator, the current ratio of the standard current transformer and the transformer of the high current generator under inspection must be the same.

2. Wiring strictly according to the wiring diagram.

3. Before verifying the transformer, you must first test whether the load box is correct.

4. During the verification process, it is strictly forbidden to open the secondary winding.

5. Demagnetization is required before verifying the transformer.

6. Open the circuit twice, adjust the voltage regulator evenly and slowly to increase the indicator of the dial indicator from 0 to 100%, and then decrease to zero evenly and slowly. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times. Before cutting off the power after demagnetization, the secondary winding should be short-circuited.

Note: The output winding of the high current generator and the primary winding of the transformer are the same winding.

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