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Features of DC high voltage generator patch

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The chip inductor of the DC high voltage generator has the following characteristics:

1. The flat bottom surface is suitable for surface mounting.

2. The different end faces have good solderability. Features of low impedance.

3. It has a higher Q value. When the low direct resistance DC high voltage generator is running at low speed,

DC Hipot Tester.png

4. Low magnetic flux leakage. Features of high current resistance. Convenient for automated assembly 5. Taping and packaging can be provided. The difference between ordinary power inductors and high current inductors: In addition, it has the following characteristics. High current inductors have the characteristics of all SMD power inductors.

The inductance coil of the DC high voltage generator is wound with thick pain wire and flat wire, which has the following characteristics:

1. High current resistance. It can withstand large currents, and can withstand a higher current of 80A, with good sealing and high stability.

2. High-stability, high-current inductors adopt a fully enclosed magnetic shielding structure.

3. Wide application range, high-current inductors have super weather resistance, and can be used on computer motherboards, graphics cards and other devices that work for a long time. Filter circuits, etc., and ordinary power inductors can only be used as DC-DC modules. Although they play the same role, the high-current inductors bear much greater responsibility than ordinary power inductors. With super stability, many computer motherboard manufacturers are currently developing filter circuits made of high-current inductors.

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