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Characteristics of high current generator

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The working principle of the high current generator is similar to that of the high voltage current transformer. It is essentially a double-winding step-down transformer. Theoretically, the power of the primary side and the secondary side are equal, and the voltage of the primary side and the secondary side is inversely proportional to the current during operation. As a result, the voltage is reduced and the load current is increased. The DC high voltage generator product is a new type of equipment, controlled by a chip, mainly according to your requirements for large current and load time. After the large current generator is connected to the working power supply, the output voltage of the voltage regulator is adjusted to obtain the large current required for the test.

Primary Current Injection Test Set.png

The high current generator is a necessary equipment in the power and electrical industries where high current is needed during debugging. The device has the characteristics of convenient use and maintenance, superior performance, safe and reliable use, beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, and convenient movement. It is necessary equipment for power supply companies, large factories, metallurgy, power plants, railways and other departments that need power maintenance. Adopting advanced microelectronics processing technology, the entire use process can be set up in advance, the entire Chinese interface, the operation is simple and clear. After all the test items are set, the test will be performed automatically, without manual intervention.

Characteristics of high current generator:

1. The large current generator has two ammeters for monitoring of large and small ranges.

2. The autotransformer can be adjusted freely.

3. Indicator light, button operation, simple operation.

4. Integrated and detachable structure, easy to move.

How to use the high current generator:

1. Connect the circuit according to the working principle diagram. The transformer shell, console, etc. must be well grounded.

2. Turn on the power, the green indicator light on the console is on, and then press the start button, the red indicator light is on, indicating that the current booster is waiting for the current.

3. Evenly rotate the voltage regulator clockwise to make the output current indication reach the required large current. In order to ensure the test accuracy, a standard ammeter can be connected in series on the meter terminal.

4. During the test, once an abnormal situation occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the test should be performed after finding the cause.

5. After the test is completed, the voltage regulator must be adjusted back to the zero position, and the stop button must be pressed to cut off the power supply; the test wiring can be removed only after the working power supply is cut off to ensure safety.

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