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Precautions for testing relay protection tester

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Matters needing attention when testing the relay protection tester:

1. Pay attention to operational safety to prevent electric shock accidents;

2. The ground terminal of the host is reliably grounded to avoid induction of static electricity and reduce electromagnetic interference;

3. It is forbidden to plug or unplug the cable when it is powered on. Turn off the power of the host and computer before plugging or unplugging the cable;

Protection Relay Test Set.png

4. It is forbidden to connect external current and voltage to the current and voltage ports of the tester, otherwise the tester will be damaged;

5. The communication interface should be checked to confirm that the connection is correct;

6. It is recommended to warm up the tester for 2 minutes after starting the tester. After shutting down, wait at least 1 minute before turning it on again, otherwise it will damage the tester or cause the instrument to work abnormally;

7. It should be ensured that the built-in test program of the tester is started and the power amplifier and DSP ready lights are on before the test can be started;

8. When testing, disconnect the outer loop of the device under test, and make the N terminal of current and voltage common ground, otherwise the test may be inaccurate;

9. The analog output of the tester cannot be used as a power supply. Some models have auxiliary DC power supplies that can be used as DC power supplies for protection devices, but cannot be used as DC power supplies for operating circuits;

10. Pay attention to water-proof, shock-proof, and dust-proof precision instruments. They should be placed in a clean and dust-free place at the construction site of power plants and power stations. Please place them carefully in the instrument box when not in use. When cleaning the surface of the instrument, turn off the power and wipe it carefully with a damp cloth.

11. The normal ventilation of the tester should be ensured, and the ventilation holes and fans at the bottom and tail of the instrument should not be blocked to avoid overheating;

12. The LCD screen on the panel of the tester is a precision glass product. It should be used and handled carefully to avoid heavy pressure and collision, otherwise it may cause damage and malfunction; the instrument and computer should be handled with care and managed by a dedicated person.

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