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Application range of relay protection tester

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The relay protection tester can independently perform AC test, DC test, low cycle synchronization, time measurement, power impedance, differential test, superimposed harmonics, complete test, impedance ladder, zero sequence protection, system settings and other test items.

The over-voltage relay protection test of the relay protection tester adopts the "AC test" procedure. When the rated voltage of the relay is less than 120V, single-phase voltage can be used as a variable for testing.

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The relay protection verification device must take electromagnetic interference protection measures, the transformation of the substation, the electromagnetic protection must be replaced with microcomputer protection, and the technical measures against electromagnetic interference must be taken, that is, the installation conditions of the relay protection verification device must be strictly implemented, and the shielded cable At the same time, both ends of the shielding layer must be grounded. Because the circuit is long, when one end is grounded, the other end will generate voltage and current due to electromagnetic interference, which will lead to microcomputer action or misoperation protection.

In order to reduce the possibility of failure and error of the protection device, the relay protection verification device must be optimized in design, reasonable manufacturing process and high-quality components, and shielding and isolation technology should be adopted to ensure the equipment’s reliability. Reliability to improve anti-interference ability.

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