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Test the protection function of the transformer?

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The test transformer combines modern digital frequency conversion technology and adopts microcomputer control to automatically boost, step down, and discharge. It is equipped with photoelectric control to output a 0.1HZ sine wave, and manual intervention can be carried out during the automatic boosting process. Because it is fully electronic, it is small in size and light in weight. The large-screen LCD display is clear and intuitive, and can display output waveforms with printouts. The design indicators are fully in line with the standards of the electric power industry, and it is very convenient to use. Both modulate and demodulate to generate ultra-low frequency signals by mechanical methods. Therefore, the sine wave waveform is not standard, the measurement error is large, the high voltage part has spark discharge, the equipment is bulky, and The second and fourth quadrants of the sine wave also need high-power high-voltage resistors for discharge shaping, so the overall power consumption of the equipment is relatively large, and the ultra-low frequency high-voltage generator can overcome these shortcomings. In addition, the protection function is designed as follows:

Hipot Test Set.png

Overvoltage protection: When it exceeds ten percent (or 1.1 times) of the set test voltage value, the instrument will shut down for protection, and the action time is less than 20 milliseconds.

Overcurrent protection: Designed as high and low voltage dual protection, the high voltage side can be accurately shut down according to the set value; when the current on the low voltage side exceeds the rated current, the shutdown protection will be performed, and the action time is less than 20 milliseconds.

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