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Precautions for large current generators

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The high current generator is a device specially designed and manufactured according to the electrical equipment testing of electric power departments and industrial and mining enterprises, such as various switches, current transformers and other electrical equipment for current load testing and temperature rise testing.

The large current generator product is small in size and light in weight. It adopts an integrated structure, with stepless adjustment of output current, balanced current rise, large load change range, 0.5-level current transformer, digital display, beautiful appearance, reliable work, easy operation, Security and other features. It is an ideal equipment for industrial and mining enterprises to carry out upflow tests.

Primary Current Injection Test Set.png

Introduce you how to use the single-phase high current generator:

1. According to the commissioning requirements, connect the current booster and the tested product, and connect the power supply.

2. Choose the position of the current transfer switch according to the size of the current required by the tested product. Since the current transformer is not allowed to open, the current transfer switch can only be set to the "large" or "small" position. in the middle. Larger power equipment can adjust the position of the short-circuit piece through series and parallel to complete the high-current gear shift.

3. Turn on the power, the green light is on, press the start button, the green light is off and the red light is on, turn the handle of the voltage regulator clockwise to increase the current to the desired value.

4. Turn the regulator handle counterclockwise to the zero position, press the stop button, the red light is off and the green light is on, and the test is over.


1. The stand-alone equipment is heavier; when testing and moving: pay attention to personal safety. The test work should not be less than two people, one person to operate, and one person to supervise the operation to ensure safety. The test personnel and the tested product should keep a corresponding safe distance. The test personnel wear protective gear and set up a warning area.

2. The shell must be grounded. Don't neglect to prevent personal safety accidents due to low voltage. The instrument must be well grounded, and the step-up transformer and the console must be reliably grounded during use to ensure safety.

3. The wire from the secondary to the tested product should not be too long, and the cross-sectional area should be sufficient (current density can be considered as 6-8A/mm). The contact surface should be cleaned (can be brightened with fine gauze), otherwise the joint will heat up The current rises below the rated value.

4. Before working, check that the power supply has sufficient capacity, otherwise the power cord will heat up and the voltage will drop, which will affect normal operation.

5. There should be no flammable materials at the work site. Sufficient fire extinguishing equipment should be prepared for the temperature rise test.

6. For the continuity test, someone should be on duty at the scene. And regularly check the heating of the up-current source equipment, wires, and connectors, and make a record. Due to the fluctuation of the grid voltage, pay attention to adjusting TD to maintain the rated test current. During the test, once an abnormal phenomenon is found, the air switch power supply should be cut off immediately, and the test should be performed after finding the cause. After the test, the voltage regulator must be returned to zero, press the air switch to cut off the power, cut off the working power, and remove the test wiring to ensure safety.

7. The test work should comply with the relevant provisions of the electrical safety work regulations and formulate practical safety measures. The instrument is designed for short-term work, so it is not allowed to work under the rated capacity for a long time, especially not allowed to run over the rated current to prevent overheating.

8. The LCD screen does not display, the printer does not work, it is forbidden to tap the panel, vibrate the body, or disassemble it by yourself. The manufacturer will maintain it.

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