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How to safely operate a large current generator

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When the large current generator is in the large current test, correctly connect the working circuit according to the circuit diagram of this product. According to the size of the working current, choose the large and small range switch positions. The output end of the booster is passed through the core of the tested current transformer with a large current wire to form a closed loop; then return the voltage regulator to the zero position, press the work button (green), and slowly rotate clockwise to adjust the voltage Adjust the handwheel of the regulator, watch the ammeter until the required current value, press the timer button (yellow) and the timer will start timing. After the test reaches the set time, immediately return the regulator handwheel to zero counterclockwise, and press the stop button ( Red), cut off the power supply.

Primary Current Injection Test Set.png

When the voltage selection switch is on, the high current generator refers to the input voltage; when the voltage selection switch is on the low gear, it refers to the network voltage. The capacity of the equipment is designed according to the 5min short-time work system, such as when used for intermittent work. The power-on time should be less than 2.5min, and the working period should be greater than 10min.

When unpacking and accepting the large current generator, check whether the main circuit wiring terminals are loose and whether the voltage regulator brushes are in good contact. When not in use for a long time, use a 500V megohmmeter to check the insulation resistance of the main circuit to the ground, and the resistance should not be less than 0.5 megohm. The input voltage conforms to the voltage value marked on the nameplate (~220V, ~350V), the value difference should be between -10% and +5%, and the frequency is 50Hz.

The current gear switch is not allowed to operate with load. When operating the large current generator, rotate the hand wheel evenly and slowly to avoid damaging the voltage regulator. The working time should not exceed 5 minutes at full output, the intermittent working time should be less than 2.5 minutes, and the working period should be greater than 10 minutes. The shell of the current booster has a grounding terminal, which should be well grounded when using it.

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