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Grounding resistance measurement method

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Grounding is divided into many types according to different conditions and requirements: Working grounding: In the power system, the grounding required for operation, such as neutral grounding, etc.; Protective grounding: Due to insulation damage, the grounding is set to prevent this voltage from endangering personal safety. ; Electrostatic grounding: grounding protection to eliminate static electricity like inflammable and explosive facilities and equipment; over-voltage protective grounding: grounding protection for eliminating the danger of over-voltage, such as lightning arresters.

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Measuring principle of large ground grid resistance:

For the measurement of earth grid resistance, we recommend using a 5A large earth grid earth resistance tester for measurement. In actual applications, there are working grounding and protective grounding. It cannot be disassembled and measured directly. The result is easily affected by electromagnetic interference. The measurement principle of the network resistance tester is to measure the ground network resistance by measuring the ratio of the potential rise of the grounding device to the current flowing into the grounding device.

Connect the wires according to the wiring diagram of the earth network ground resistance tester, set the test current and test frequency, usually we select the 5A current range, press the confirm button and hold for about 5 seconds, after the "beep" sound, the ground network ground resistance tester Start the test. According to the set measurement mode, the grounding resistance tester adopts different measurement methods. After the measurement is completed, the measurement result is displayed. The actual measured grounding resistance value is used to determine whether improvement is needed. If the grounding resistance is measured If the resistance is too large, we can reduce the resistance of the grounding grid by changing the soil, deep burying, adding water, and using resistance reducers.

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