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Five advantages of zinc oxide arrester tester

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1. Large flow capacity: This is mainly reflected in the ability of lightning arresters to absorb various lightning overvoltages, power frequency transient overvoltages, and operating overvoltages. The circulation capacity of zinc oxide arresters fully meets or exceeds the requirements of national standards. Indicators such as line discharge level, energy absorption capacity, 4/10 nanosecond high-current impact tolerance, and 2ms square wave flow capacity have reached domestic standards.

2. Good sealing performance: The measuring element of the three-phase zinc oxide arrester adopts a composite shell with good aging performance and good airtightness, and measures such as controlling the compression of the sealing ring and applying sealant in increments. The ceramic shell is used as the sealing material to ensure Sealed arrester, good performance

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3. Excellent protection characteristics: The three-phase zinc oxide arrester tester is an electrical product used to protect various electrical equipment in the power system from overvoltage, and has good protection performance. Due to the excellent non-linear volt-ampere characteristics of the zinc oxide valve plate, only a few hundred dimensional current flows under normal working voltage, and it is easy to design a gapless structure, with high protection performance, light weight, and small size. After the overvoltage invades, the current flowing in the valve plate increases rapidly, and at the same time the magnitude of the overvoltage is limited, the energy of the overvoltage is released, and then the zinc oxide valve plate returns to a high resistance state, so that the power system can work normally.

4. Power frequency tolerance: In the power system, various reasons such as single-phase grounding, long-line capacitance effects and load dumping can cause power frequency voltage rise or high-amplitude transient overvoltages. The arrester can withstand a certain amount of power within a certain period of time. The ability to increase the frequency voltage.

5. High operational reliability: The reliability of long-term operation depends on the quality of the product and whether the product selection is reasonable. The main factors affecting the quality of its products are the following three aspects: the rationality of the overall structure of the arrester; the volt-ampere characteristics of the zinc oxide valve seat and the sealing performance of the arrester.

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