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Live test method of zinc oxide arrester tester

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With the development of science and technology, the live measurement of zinc oxide arresters has been realized, including the leakage current live measurement method and the infrared temperature measurement method. Introduce how to use the zinc oxide arrester live tester. The device measures voltage and current signals, performs high-speed Fourier transform, and calculates performance components and resistance components (fundamental waves, high-order harmonics) respectively.

The current collection point is the wire at the upper end of the discharge counter. The ground wire can be put into the ground pole of the device panel at any ground point of the system.

Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester.png

The voltage sampling obtains the three-phase voltage signal from the measuring terminal of the system transformer. The voltage signal passes through an auxiliary V/I conversion active sensor, and is connected to the equipment reference voltage signal channel through a wired or wireless connection as the reference voltage signal.

The live measurement method is more convenient than the traditional measurement method. After the ratio of resistance current to the total current increases significantly, the increase in harmonics becomes larger, and the increase in fundamental wave is not obvious. This can generally be judged as the aging of the zinc oxide arrester.

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