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Wiring instructions for relay protection tester

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The relay protection tester is connected to a 220V AC power supply, and the grounding wire jack is reliably grounded. The main body of the test instrument is prohibited from being connected to a 380V three-phase AC power supply or a DC power supply. Before the test, the grounding wire jack must be reliably grounded, otherwise the device may be damaged. Then, according to different test contents, connect the voltage, current, and switch wiring methods.

The voltage loop cannot be short-circuited or overloaded, and the load of the current loop should be based on the impedance value given in the technical parameters, so as not to affect the test results due to overload. When the voltage source is overloaded or short-circuited, the tester automatically cuts off the power amplifier power supply and interrupts the test, and at the same time sends out an overload alarm signal. The large load current of each phase of the voltage source is 0.65A.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

If the high current output time is too long and the temperature of the power amplifier is too high, the tester will automatically turn off the power of the power amplifier and give a warning sound. At this time, the test should be stopped until the power amplifier has cooled down before continuing the test. The input binary input potential has directionality, and it is better to use the empty node under normal circumstances.

The negative terminals of A, B, and C on the binary input terminals are connected, and are not connected to the common terminal "N" of the voltage and current output terminals and the ground wire (such as the panel and the chassis). It is a floating ground. Open terminals are compatible with empty contacts and potential (10-250V). But the input to the live contact has directionality. Connect A, B, C, and H to the high potential (+), and the negative terminal to the low potential (-) of the live contact, so that the computer can detect the state of the contact flip. If the connection is reversed, the detected one will always be in the closed state. If there is an urgent problem during the test, quickly exit the power amplifier button, and then turn off the power of the host.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, the outer loop of the protection device should be disconnected, and the voltage N and the current N should be at the same common ground.

Do not leave the device in the open and get wet by rain.

For safety reasons, do not turn on the power switch when connecting the instrument and the relay, and then turn on the power switch for testing after checking that the wiring is correct.

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