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DC high voltage generator measurement method

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The DC high voltage generator adopts large voltage feedback, which greatly improves the voltage stability, realizes high-quality, portable, and can withstand the rated voltage. Discharge without damage. It has the characteristics of large output power and small size, and is widely used in power experiments-power cable detection experiments and lightning arresters and other leakage current experiments.

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When the DC high voltage generator is generally measured, when the wire is connected, the wire connecting the test product is suspended first, and the test voltage is raised to the test voltage, and then the corona and stray current I during the empty test are read, and then the test product is connected to the test. The voltage reads the total current, and the sample leaks the leakage current. Let's learn about the measurement method of the DC high voltage generator.

When measuring the leakage current of the tested product, a high-voltage micro-ammeter should be connected in series on the high-voltage side. The micro-ampere meter must have a metal shield, and a shielded wire should be used to connect to the tested product. The shield lead of the high-voltage lead should be tightly connected with the outer shield. If the surface of the tested product is dirty, the influence of leakage current on the surface of the tested product should be eliminated. The high-potential end of the tested product can be connected with the shield of the high-voltage lead after a few turns with bare metal flexible wire.

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