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Partial discharge detector measurement

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The partial discharge detector has a fast test speed, strong anti-interference ability, and is very convenient to carry. It can be used in many occasions, and it can also be used with multiple devices and follow the procedures when in use.

Introduce in detail how the partial discharge detector measures the switchgear

1. Ultrasonic detection method, due to the diversified characteristics of partial discharge phenomena, electromagnetic wave signals will be emitted during discharge, or acoustic emission will occur. The partial discharge of energy propagates in the form of sound waves. The surroundings can use this partial discharge detector to detect pulses. It can also reflect the situation of partial discharge. When discharging inside the switchgear, sound waves are generated. It has a very wide frequency spectrum, which can be heard by some people, and requires sound waves that exceed its frequency.

Partial Discharge Detector.png

2. Ground wave detection method. In the case of partial insulation of the switchgear, if part of it falls off and there is a high-voltage area between the conductive metal shells, there is a certain capacity of discharge capacity, its capacity is small, the duration is short, and the discharge point is also The inside of the switch cabinet is therefore electromagnetic waves generated by voltage pulses. Scattered on the surface of the metal shell will be blocked by the shell. If the shielding layer is continuous, it cannot be detected by an external discharge signal. In fact, in some places, the shielding layer may be discontinuous because it may cause damage. When it is not continuous, use a partial discharge detector for detection.

In this way, when using a partial discharge detector to measure a switchgear, there are usually two methods: ultrasonic detection method and ground wave detection method. These working principles are actually relatively simple. You only need to follow the requirements of the manual during operation.

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