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DC resistance and insulation resistance

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In the power system, there are many devices for measuring resistance, but different functions have different applications. The common ones are insulation resistance, DC resistance, ground resistance, loop resistance, and on-resistance. No matter what kind of resistance measurement function, The measurement principle is based on "Ohm's Law". For the new recruits, I may mislead these types of measurement resistances. Let's talk about the relationship between DC resistance and insulation resistance or what is the relationship between them. Inevitable association.

What is DC resistance?

DC resistance is the resistance that a certain amount of DC current is applied to the test object and calculated by Ohm's law. This kind of resistance is called DC resistance. DC resistance is inherent and static resistance of the component. For example, we often use it. DC resistance measures the coil resistance of transformers, transformer windings, DC resistance of wires, etc. The unit of DC resistance is ohm (Ω). DC resistance is an indispensable test for transformers after handover, overhaul and tap changer change. Project, its measurement usually adopts DC resistance tester.

What is insulation resistance?

The application of insulation resistance is stronger than DC resistance. Applications involving insulation resistance in power systems are almost ubiquitous and ubiquitous. Insulation resistance is used to measure large transformers, transformers, generators, high-voltage motors, and power capacitors. , The resistance value of the insulation strength of power cables, lightning arresters and other equipment, and the insulation resistance tester should be an insulation resistance tester with an appropriate voltage level.

What is the difference between insulation resistance and DC resistance?

Insulation resistance and DC resistance are based on the principle of Ohm's law and are designed for different applications. DC resistance is a measurement to solve inductive load resistance. Insulation resistance is a special tool for solving the degree of insulation. The names are almost the same, and the functions are very different. Each has its own needs and cannot complement each other. From the measurement results of the two products, the smaller the DC resistance, the better, and the larger the insulation resistance, the better. If there is any inevitable connection between the two, it is the same The measurement principle creates two different test functions.

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