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Grounding resistance tester measuring method

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The ground resistance tester is widely used in the measurement of the ground resistance of electric power, meteorology, construction and industrial electrical equipment, and is more accurate than traditional measurement methods. When measuring grounding systems with loops, it is safe, fast and easy to use, without the need to disconnect the ground lead and auxiliary electrode. Because it is a comprehensive value of grounding body resistance and grounding resistance, it can measure ground faults that cannot be measured by traditional methods, and can be applied to occasions where traditional methods cannot be measured. There are long pliers and round pliers in the clamp-type grounding resistance meter. Long jaws are especially suitable for flat steel grounding occasions.

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The accuracy of traditional measurement methods depends on the position between the auxiliary electrodes and their relative position to the grounding body. If the position of the auxiliary electrode is restricted and the calculated value cannot be satisfied, so-called pole distribution error will be caused. For the same grounding body, different auxiliary electrode positions may cause the measurement results to have a certain degree of dispersion. This dispersion will reduce the credibility of the measurement results.

When measuring the ground resistance tester, no auxiliary electrode is used, and there is no electrode distribution error. When the test is repeated, the results are consistent. Compared with the traditional voltage and current method, the resistance tester can completely replace the traditional ground resistance test method, and the ground resistance value can give reliable results. With standard test ring. When measuring, you can measure the standard test ring first. If the reading is accurate, the ground resistance measured by the ground resistance tester is reliable.

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