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How to choose a relay protection tester

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Flexible combination of voltage and current output, output up to six-phase voltage and six-phase current. Traditional four-phase voltage three-phase current type, six-phase voltage type, six-phase current type and twelve-phase output type can be combined arbitrarily, not only with traditional test methods Compatible, and easy to perform three-phase transformer differential test, factory power quick cut test and standby automatic input test. Operation mode: 10-inch touch LCD screen and keyboard and mouse dual operation. The device can also be directly connected to a laptop or desktop for operation, which is convenient and fast, and has stable performance.

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The output end of the new high-fidelity linear power amplifier has always insisted on using high-fidelity, high-reliability modular linear power amplifiers instead of switching power amplifiers with excellent performance. It will not cause high- and intermediate-frequency interference to the test site, ensuring excellent waveform smoothing accuracy from large current to small current. The output part of the high-performance host is controlled by DSP, with fast calculation speed, strong real-time digital signal processing ability, wide transmission frequency, and high-resolution D/A conversion control. The output waveform has high precision, low distortion and good linearity. A large number of advanced technologies, precision parts and materials are used to carry out professional structural design. Therefore, the device is small in size, light in weight, full-featured, easy to carry, can work after starting, and is very convenient for flow testing.

The software system is more powerful. It can complete the complex verification work of large-scale enterprises with a high degree of automatic learning of various information. It can easily test and scan various environmental protection settings, process failure playback, store test result data in real time, and display vector graphics , Online printing of technical reports, etc. The 6-phase current is convenient for students to carry out the three-phase differential protection test. It has its own independent dedicated DC power output. There is a 110V and 220V dedicated adjustable DC power output. Complete interface The device has a USB communication port, which can communicate with computers and other external devices. Complete ecological function of self-safety protection. The optimized design of heat dissipation structure is scientific and reasonable. The hardware resource protection policy measures are reliable and perfect. It has important power soft-start function, software self-diagnosis method for faults and cultural output lockout functions.

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