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The core device of the DC resistance tester?

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I. Overview

The transformer DC resistance tester is based on a high-speed microcontroller, using high-speed A/D converters and program-controlled current source technology to achieve measurement results and highly automated measurement functions. It has high accuracy, wide measurement range, stable data, and repeatability. Good performance, strong anti-interference ability and perfect protection function. Features such as fast charging and discharging speed. The instrument. Small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry, it is a new generation product for transformer DC resistance testing.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

2. Main functions and features

1. Using high-speed 16-bit A/D converter, the measurement data is stable and the repeatability is good.

2. Automatic programmable current source technology. The current source has a total of 1000 current gears, which are automatically controlled by the internal microcontroller according to the measured resistance, so as to achieve a relatively wide measurement range and a good measurement state, without the need to manually switch current gears.

3. The response speed is fast, the tap switch can be switched directly in the measurement state, the instrument will automatically prompt, and the new resistance value will be displayed soon.

4. Highly intelligent design, ingenious and advanced function settings, which can automatically judge faults such as virtual connection and disconnection of the test line.

5. The protection function is perfect, which can reliably protect the impact of the back EMF to the instrument, and has the function of automatic discharge indication.

6. The measuring current and measuring time can be displayed.

7. Intelligent power management technology can effectively reduce the internal heating of the instrument.

8. 120 measurement data can be stored without loss after power failure.

9. All Chinese character menus and operation prompts are intuitive and convenient.

10. The instrument is equipped with a printer, which can find and print the test results.

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