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Insulation resistance tester battery replacement

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1. Battery inspection and replacement

When the instrument is connected to the power supply, if the display shows the “” under-voltage symbol, it means that the battery is insufficient, and the battery should be replaced with a new one.

 Two, test

Connect the E end of the meter to the grounding end (or one end) of the test product, and the L end to the line end (or the other end) of the test product. Set the selector switch to the required rated voltage position, and the first position on the display shows "1", indicating that the working power supply is on. Press the high voltage switch button, the high voltage indicator will light up, and the value displayed on the display is the insulation resistance value of the tested product. When the insulation resistance value of the test sample exceeds the upper limit of the meter range, the first digit of the display shows "1", and the last three digits go out.

Note: During the measurement, due to the absorption and polarization process of the test sample, the insulation value reading gradually drifts to a large value or there are some up and down jumps, which is a normal phenomenon.

Insulation Resistance Tester (3).png

 3. Use of G end (protection ring)

When measuring the high insulation resistance value, a conductor protection ring should be put on the surface between the two measurement terminals of the test product, and the conductor protection ring should be connected to the G terminal of the meter with a test wire to eliminate the leakage current caused by the surface of the test product. The measurement error to ensure the accuracy of the test.

Four, shutdown

After the reading is completed, first press the high-voltage switch to turn off the high-voltage, and the high-voltage indicator light goes out; then turn the knob to OFF to turn off the power. For capacitive test samples, the remaining charge on the test sample should be discharged, and then the test wire should be removed to avoid injury.

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