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High efficiency of partial discharge detector

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Partial discharge detector test digital partial discharge detection system can detect machine failure, vibration, leakage and high-frequency signals generated by electrical partial discharge. The digital partial discharge testing machine uses the universal heterodyne method to convert these signals into audio signals, so that the operator can hear these sounds through headphones and see the intensity indication in the pointer. The principle of heterodyne method is like a radio, it can accurately convert the signal into sound, making it easy for people to recognize and understand. The advantages of digital partial discharge detection system using ultrasonic technology are simple, easy to understand and convenient. Ultrasound is a high-frequency and short-wave signal. This sound wave cannot be heard directly by people. We can fully detect these sounds through an ultrasonic full-function detector. Using advanced visual ultrasonic principles and sophisticated sensing skills, it can vividly show the picture of the discharge, and notify the maintenance personnel to check through three ways of digital, sound and pictures to ensure the safe operation of the GIS.

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The traditional insulation test method is difficult to find the shortcomings of partial discharge, and the 1min AC withstand voltage test will damage the insulation and affect the future operation of the equipment. With the improvement of voltage levels, this problem becomes more serious. In recent years in my country, 50% of large-scale transformer incidents above 110kV have occurred in turn or inter-section short circuits under normal operation, forming the emergency end, and the cause is also caused by partial discharge. Therefore, testing the partial discharge characteristics of the transformer is a good way to prevent transformer failures.

The partial analysis system of the partial discharge detector is composed of three modules: a signal processing module, a block module, and an acquisition and processing module. According to the system connection diagram, the impedance is detected and the partial discharge signal is sent to the signal processing module. The signal processing module collects the partial discharge signal and sends the partial discharge signal to the circuit breaker module after completing functions such as amplification and shaping. The circuit breaker module connects the computer acquisition and processing module with the The signal processing module is isolated to avoid mixing between them. Finally, the acquisition and processing module completes the detailed functions of the partial discharge signal acquisition, processing, analysis and expression.

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