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Application of partial discharge detector

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We know that partial discharge is a partial discharge that may occur in gaps, gaps and similar defects in medium and high voltage cable systems. If handled improperly, partial discharge will corrode the cable insulation layer, usually forming a tree-like pattern (electrical tree), which may eventually lead to complete damage and failure of the cable or accessories.

The test involves applying a voltage that is conducive to partial discharge, and then directly or indirectly measuring the discharge current pulse with a calibrated cable partial discharge detector sensor. The characteristics of partial discharge depend on the type, size and location of the defect, insulation type, voltage and cable temperature.

The known cable partial discharge detector test can detect small defects in the insulation. For example, there are gaps in insulation shields or jumpers, but partial discharges must occur to detect any partial discharges. Newly installed and long-life cables can measure any damage caused during the installation of new cables, or reduce the insulation of the cable due to partial discharges Sex.

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1. Online partial discharge (50/60 Hz)

The online partial discharge test of the cable partial discharge detector can be carried out without interrupting the technical service. It is a non-destructive and non-invasive predictive maintenance management tool. It can evaluate the cable by measuring the partial discharge under the working voltage of the cable enterprise The aging development of the control system.

2. Offline partial discharge

Compared with other technologies, the offline partial discharge test of the cable partial discharge detector has significant advantages, because it can measure the response of the cable system to a specific stress level and predict its future performance without causing failure. Offline testing also Known for its ability to accurately locate defects on site aging equipment, enabling asset managers to accurately plan maintenance and repairs.

The challenge of offline testing of cable partial discharge detectors is that you must stop using your equipment in order to restart the partial discharge activity in the power-off cable. The measured voltage is higher than the operating voltage of the cable, which increases the risk of failure during the test. .

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