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Instruments for measuring insulation resistance

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Due to its extended measurement capabilities, modern household megohmmeters not only have high noise immunity, they can also check insulation resistance, but also check surge suppressors and lightning arresters, such as lightning arresters and lightning arresters that are widely used on railways. , Megger combines a variety of equipment, so that they can be successfully used in the oil and gas industry, communications and energy applications.


Insulation is one of the most important types of protection. Its parameters have a decisive influence on the safety of operation and the normal operation of electrical equipment. In order to determine the actual state of electrical equipment insulation, insulation resistance must be measured. If resistance measurement is performed regularly, it may be possible The early deterioration of the insulation condition and the corresponding reduction in the protection level will be found. The main factors that negatively affect the insulation state are electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal and climatic effects. Under normal operating conditions of electrical installations, all the above factors will age the insulation Significant impact.


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In order to prevent electric shock, the condition of the insulating material must be monitored. For this reason, insulation resistance measurement is also carried out. The insulation resistance measurement is based on the measurement of the current in the circuit when the test voltage is applied. The megger insulation resistance meter (megohm insulation meter) can produce Test voltages up to 2.5 kV are particularly important for testing the insulation of cables, current and voltage transformers, motors, and other electrical and telecommunications facilities.


Megger is a compact portable device that can perform a comprehensive diagnosis of insulation, because they can not only measure the resistance of dielectric materials, but also identify the negative processes that occur in them due to exposure to moisture and other factors. In measuring insulation resistance During the process, the megohmmeter will display the magnitude of the leakage current and measure the capacitance of the cable.

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