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How to use the DC resistance tester correctly?

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Operation process and method of DC resistance tester:

1. Equipped with a dedicated test circuit on the equipment to connect to the measured equipment, and connect in accordance with the standard, while ensuring that the clamping of each test fixture is firm and reliable.

2. After turning on the power switch of the machine, the machine displays "Welcome", and then enters the "range selection" screen. At this time, use the "up and down" keys to move the cursor, select the required test range, and press the "confirm" key to start measuring the equipment.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

3. After the instrument enters the measurement state, the charging simulation bar will be displayed on the LCD screen, and the value will be displayed on the LCD screen after charging, which is the DC resistance value of the instrument under test. Press the "OK" key at this time, and the value will be saved and locked. When the screen displays "out of range" for a long time, please press the "return" key to return to the upper menu, select the upper test range to retest, or check whether the test circuit is open.

4. The machine enters the data lock screen, and the data is printed after pressing the "print" key. After the data is printed, the machine automatically discharges and returns to the upper menu after discharge.

5. After the test is over, cut off the power supply.

Common problems of DC resistance tester

During the test, check that there is no current output, the test circuit has an open circuit fault or the device under test is open. The DC resistance tester is forbidden to test the open circuit state during the test.

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