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Wiring method of insulation resistance meter

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①Measure the insulation resistance of the lighting or power lines to the ground, the E terminal is reliably grounded, and the L terminal is connected to the circuit under test.

②Measure the insulation resistance of the motor, connect the ground terminal E of the insulation resistance meter to the casing, and connect the L terminal to the winding of the motor, and then perform a shake test.

③Measure the insulation resistance of the cable. When measuring the insulation resistance of the cable core and shell, in addition to connecting the shell to E and the core to L, the insulation layer in the middle must also be connected to G.

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 When measuring, turn the handle smoothly and keep the speed of 120r/min. The insulation resistance of electrical equipment varies with the length of the measurement time. Usually, the pointer indication after 1min is used as the standard. If the pointer is found to be zero during the measurement, the handle should be stopped to prevent the coil in the watch from overheating and burning out. After the insulation resistance meter stops rotating and the device under test is discharged, the measurement connection can be removed by hand.

 ④ When the insulation resistance meter records the readings, the ambient temperature and humidity at the time should be recorded at the same time, so that it is convenient to compare the measurement results in different periods and analyze the reasons for the measurement errors.

⑤The lead wire of the terminal of the insulation resistance meter should be a multi-strand flexible wire with good insulation, and the flexible wires cannot be twisted together.

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