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How to use the DC resistance tester more safely?

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1. Before using the DC resistance tester, check whether the input and output lines are intact. After confirming, plug in the power cord. At this time, the power indicator lights up, indicating that the power line is connected. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, check the cause and deal with it.

2. Check whether the range of the voltmeter is appropriate and whether the voltage regulator is above the zero position. When selecting the range, choose according to the actual situation. When measuring the resistance of the whole machine and measuring isolation, electric poles and grounding, etc. When the resistance is different, their required ranges are different.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

3. When connecting the output line to the test product, pay attention to placing the current line outside the voltage line. When starting the test, make the test product in a proper connected state, and set the DC resistance tester to the When the button is pressed, the indicator light turns on.

4. Adjust the voltage regulator so that the current evenly rises to the corresponding current value. Observe the change of the pointer. If there is any deviation, it must be modulated at any time to ensure the accuracy of the detection. After the detection is completed, it must be Make a test record for future review.

When using the DC resistance tester, you must be proficient in the operation method and take safety precautions. If you find that the resistance tested by the sample is abnormal, you must first calibrate the DC resistance tester or renew it. Perform a test to see if the data is very different, if it is not normal, repair it.

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