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Electrical equipment high voltage test knowledge

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In order to prevent damage or accidents of high-voltage electrical equipment during operation, to ensure the personal safety of operation and maintenance personnel and the safety of equipment operation, it is necessary to check and appraise the health of the equipment through insulation handover test and preventive test. We can understand through high-voltage test The insulation level of the equipment, eliminate the blind spots of equipment defects, if the test finds that the insulation is defective, it will remind us that the equipment must be repaired, and the power equipment must be replaced if necessary to prevent insulation breakdown of the equipment during operation, so as to avoid major irreversible power failures. loss.

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Generally speaking, high-voltage electrical tests are mainly divided into preventive tests and handover tests. According to equipment classification, they mainly include: transformer test, voltage transformer test, current transformer test, arrester test, circuit breaker test, and Power cable test, high-voltage busbar test, multi-high-voltage motor test, different equipment should be tested in strict accordance with strict regulations on the test items and content, of which insulation withstand voltage test is a basic and important electrical test.

Preventive tests can be divided into two types: one is insulation characteristic test, which is a non-destructive test. The equipment is judged by measuring various characteristic parameters such as insulation resistance, dielectric loss tangent, leakage current and other parameters. Whether there are defects inside the insulation, this test requires low voltage conditions and will not damage the internal insulation of the equipment. This type of insulation characteristic test is very effective, but it cannot be used to effectively judge the insulation strength. This is the shortcoming of this test.

There is also a withstand voltage test. This test is a destructive test. During the test, a high voltage is applied to the equipment to exceed the working voltage of the equipment. At this time, the insulation of the equipment has a very big test, and some dangers can be found. Larger defects and some concentrated defects, and can ensure that the insulation strength reaches a certain level, which will cause a certain degree of damage to the insulation. The withstand voltage test is divided into AC withstand voltage and DC withstand voltage. Its shortcomings It will cause certain damage to the insulation. The two tests have their own strengths, and the appropriate test should be selected according to the actual situation and needs.

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