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Application range of relay protection tester

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The microcomputer relay protection tester is a kind of power test equipment that power workers will come into contact with during work. This equipment is also an important test equipment widely used in power system line protection. Since the relay has a precise and complex protective effect on power line protection, the microcomputer relay protection tester used to test relays also generally has the characteristics of high performance, high precision and high technical requirements. Then, the microcomputer relay protection tester is in What is the scope of application in the power system?

Protection Relay Test Set.png

1. It is used to test all individual components in the secondary dispatch of various relays. Various relays include: voltage, current, differential, time, negative sequence, balance, distance, inverse time limit, power direction, synchronization, frequency, Relays such as reclosing.

2. Applied to the entire group of drives, it can not only simulate various simple or complex transient and permanent transitional faults, but also superimpose transient DC components on the fundamental wave.

3. It is applied to split-phase output AC and AC and DC at different frequencies.

4. Used to automatically test the differential ratio and harmonic restraint characteristics of the microcomputer main transformer protection.

5. Used to automatically test the entire set of distance, zero sequence, and overcurrent protection.

6. Used to test various protections such as loss of excitation and synchronization, flyback, reverse power and synchronization of motors.

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