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How to increase the pressure without a doubler?

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The DC high voltage generator has over-current, over-voltage and zero-voltage start-up and fault protection functions. Among them, the over-current and over-voltage protection settings are relatively complete. If necessary, it can give an audible and visual alarm to ensure that the potentiometer is raised every time It must return to zero before voltage; in addition, its voltage protection value can be adjusted, and the set voltage can be displayed intuitively.

The DC high-voltage generator can smoothly adjust the output voltage in the full range, and can also switch to about 75% voltage output at any time, with a voltage conversion of about 0.75 times, which is convenient for testing zinc oxide arresters. In addition, discharge rods are used It will not affect its output voltage when it is discharged. The output voltage can also be timed, and it can work for up to 30 minutes even under full load.

DC Hipot Tester.png

Boosting method without DC high voltage generator pressure doubler:

How to boost the voltage of the voltage doubler without a DC high-voltage generator? The voltage doubler is built-in, as long as you connect the power cord, cable and ground wire.

How to use the current-limiting resistor for boosting the voltage multiplier without DC high voltage generator:

When doing the cable test, you need to connect one end of the current-limiting resistor to the upper end of the voltage doubler, and then connect the other end of the current-limiting resistor to the microammeter. Note that the current-limiting resistor can only be installed and used for capacitive load test (including cable test), and it is not necessary for other tests.

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