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What does the loop resistance tester measure?

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For those who are new to electrical work, they may want to know what the instrument is used for when they come into contact with a loop resistance tester.

1. Loop resistance tester is also called contact resistance tester, or switch loop resistance tester. It is mainly used to detect the contact (loop) resistance of high-voltage switches. It can also be used to detect high-precision measurement of the DC resistance of cable lines, and Need high-current, micro-resistance measurement; take the high-voltage switch as an example, in popular words, the loop resistance tester is used to detect the closing condition of the high-voltage switch, and the performance of the high-voltage switch is also related to the entire power system Normal operation, so the loop resistance of the high-voltage switch is also a very important test work in electrical work.

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2. The loop resistance tester has the distinction between manual test instrument and automatic test instrument. Take the loop resistance tester as an example, it is an intelligent and fully automatic loop resistance tester. The automatic measurement of this instrument is presented. When testing, There is no need to manually adjust the current. The instrument itself can adjust the test current to stabilize the current at the current that needs to be measured.

3. The instrument adopts switching power supply technology, which can continuously output large current for a long time, overcomes the shortcomings of the instantaneous current of the pulsed power supply, can effectively break down the oxide film of the switch contact, and obtain good test results.

4. In addition to the above advantages, the loop resistance tester also has storage and printing functions, which can transmit test data and print test data on-site, and the test performance of the instrument is very stable, and the test accuracy is also high.

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