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High voltage test transformer current generation

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1. Directional movement learning of electric charge produces influence on electric current, whether it is positive or negative electric charge, the ultra-low frequency high voltage generator is used for primary bus protection and verification of current transformer transformation ratio, etc. It can also set and verify current relays and switches. Domestic The lightest weight, the load capacity is suitable for primary bus protection and current transformer transformation ratio verification, and can be used to set and verify current relays and switches.

Hipot Test Set.png

2. The positive charge will also move. The main reason for specifying the direction of the positive charge movement is the current direction. It is convenient for us. For example, when you calculate the negative charge into the data, you will get a negative value. It can be seen that the working current research direction is related to the negative charge. The direction of mobile learning is reversed.

3. Provide the battery voltage, the lower power supply voltage, the electric field conductor, and the electric current formed when the electric charge transfers in the electric field, but the current can be sustained, then the battery must provide electrons, or the electrons in the wire escape! But there is no doubt about where to run it on the wire. The electron goes to the power source, runs out from the power source to the electricity, and runs back to the electron. After the open circuit, the wire is not charged. It can be seen that the electronic conductor does not increase or decrease, and the battery does not have more electrons. No less, therefore, the battery does not provide electronic consumer electronic products, but only provides a battery voltage.

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