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Preventive test of high voltage test transformer

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High-voltage test transformer is an indispensable electrical equipment for withstand voltage test in the repair of motors, transformers, and electrical products. It is mainly used for power frequency withstand voltage test, partial discharge measurement, and thermal stability test of insulating medium of electrical products. Single frame core type iron core structure, the primary winding is wound on the iron core, and the high voltage winding is outside. This coaxial arrangement reduces the leakage flux, thus increasing the coupling between the windings. The product shell is made to match the device core. Good octagonal structure, the overall appearance is beautiful and generous,

The preventive test of high voltage test transformer can be carried out through the following aspects:

1. Measure insulation resistance

A common and simple test method, usually measured with a megohmmeter. According to the measured insulation resistance of the sample at 1 minute, it can be detected whether the insulation has penetrating concentrated defects, overall dampness or penetrating dampness .

2. Measuring medium loss angle

As a highly sensitive test item, it can find the overall dampness, deterioration, deterioration of the electrical equipment insulation, and small-volume test equipment penetration or non-penetration local defects, but when the volume of the test product is large, the volume occupied by the defect is also When it is small, it is difficult to find with this method, and it is widely used in electrical manufacturing and electrical equipment handover and preventive testing.

Hipot Test Set.png

3. Measure leakage current

The principle of high-voltage test transformer and insulation resistance measurement is basically the same, and the nature of the detected defects is also roughly the same, but because the power used in leakage current measurement is generally provided by high-voltage rectifier equipment, and the leakage is directly read by a microammeter Current, it has the test voltage that can be adjusted at will; the sensitivity is high, the measurement repeatability is good; the insulation resistance value is converted; the measurement absorption ratio can be used to judge insulation defects and other characteristics.

4. AC withstand voltage test

One of the destructive tests can further diagnose the insulation defects of electrical equipment. The AC withstand voltage test is a strict, effective and direct test method to identify the insulation strength of electrical equipment. It can detect the weakness of the insulation during normal operation. It is decisive for judging whether electrical equipment can continue to be put into operation.

The high-voltage test transformer is a new type of high-voltage test equipment. This series of products adopts a single-frame core iron core structure. The primary winding and the high-voltage winding are coaxially wound on the iron core to reduce the leakage flux and increase the coupling between the windings. The product has a compact overall structure, strong versatility, and easy to use and carry. It is suitable for power systems and power users to test the insulation performance of various high-voltage electrical equipment on-site. It is a necessary test instrument for power equipment detection and preventive testing.

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