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Anti-Mistaken Touch of Relay Protection Tester

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The microcomputer relay maintenance tester carries out the relay test. Before the start of construction, the person in charge of the operation must analyze the dangerous point to the members of the operation team, annotate the task and division of labor, indicate the operation address, the condition of the surrounding operating equipment, and precautions, and check the safety Whether the resettlement method meets the requirements.

Before operating the equipment, it is necessary for the on-site commissioning personnel to check whether the equipment title is consistent with the equipment title on the operation ticket. Beware of incorrect intervals and misoperation for maintenance. Relay personnel are not allowed to move the switch operation handle, Car switch, grounding button alarm, alarm bell, reset button, trip pressure plate, safe, voltage switch, etc., if the above equipment is operated due to operational requirements, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the relevant operator and operate under the supervision of the operator .

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For important equipment, especially the maintenance of messy maintenance or joint jump circuit, when doing on-site inspection operations, it is necessary to have approved safety technical methods and experimental plans, and set up special personnel to supervise, and relay maintenance personnel to perform switch transmission experiments At the time, it is necessary to obtain the consent and cooperation of the operating personnel, otherwise the relay personnel are prohibited from operating alone.

When working on the maintenance panel and secondary circuit equipment, it is necessary to cover the components and terminal blocks adjacent to the operating equipment on both sides with a curtain or insulator with the sign of "in operation" to prevent accidental touches or gaskets. Falling of springs and other objects may cause an accident. It is forbidden to drill holes on the operating maintenance disk. When it is necessary to drill holes near the operating maintenance disk or when the operation is oscillating, it is necessary to adopt anti-vibration measures and stop related maintenance when necessary.

When transferring or placing equipment in the aisle before and after the control panel or the maintenance panel, it is necessary to adhere to a satisfactory interval, and beware of accidental touches and accidental touches of the rotating panel, which may cause the switch to trip by mistake. In addition to disconnecting the tripping pressure plate, especially those circuits related to the operating equipment that are not controlled by the tripping pressure plate, the wiring of the bus differential and failure circuit must be double-broken, but all disconnected wires must be wrapped and done Good record, follow the record to recover after homework.

When inspecting the secondary circuit of the relay or operating experiment, it is necessary to check that the trip circuit and the pressure plate of the starting circuit related to the secondary circuit of other operating equipment are in the disconnected position, and disconnect, add or energize the terminal block of the operating equipment. In the experiment, it is necessary to be careful and supervised by a dedicated person to prevent accidental touch, accidental touch, wrong wiring or accidental disconnection from operation. Maintenance. Work on the operating maintenance panel or control panel. It is necessary to use a screwdriver with less exposed conductors to prevent accidental touch. , Accident happened.

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