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Start sequence of DC high voltage generator

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Prepare the DC high-voltage generator before use. Check the integrity of the DC high-voltage generator before use. The connecting cable should not be broken or short-circuited, and the equipment should not be broken or damaged. Place the chassis and the doubler in a suitable and safe position. , Connect the power cord, cable and grounding wire separately. The maintenance grounding wire and the working grounding wire and the grounding wire of the discharge rod should be individually connected to the ground wire of the test product and ensure excellent grounding. It is forbidden to use the grounding wires in series with each other. To prevent the ground potential from being raised to form a counterattack during breakdown and damage the instrument.

Check whether the power switch is in the off position, and check that the electric potentiometer should be at the zero position, and the over-voltage maintenance setting dial switch is set in the proper position, generally 1.10~1.20 times the test voltage value, DC high voltage occurs No-load boost to verify the over-voltage maintenance setting value, please make sure that the power supply is single-phase communication 220V, 50Hz. Turn on the power switch, the green light is on at this moment, indicating that the power is on, press the red button, the red light is on, indicating that the high voltage is connected through.

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Steeply adjust the piezoelectric potentiometer in a clockwise direction. The output terminal will start from zero to boost the voltage. The voltmeter will display the voltage value on the load sample, and the ammeter will display the sum of the current flowing on the sample and all leakage currents. Ampere is the unit, after rising to the required voltage, record the reading of the ammeter according to the rules at all times, and check the control box and output cable for abnormal phenomena, movement, static, and voltage reduction. After returning the voltage regulator to zero, press the green button. Block high voltage and close the power switch.

Before doing the load experiment, install the high-voltage shielded micro-ammeter on the high-voltage output end of the voltage doubler, and connect the supporting dedicated high-voltage wires to the micro-ammeter and the test product separately, and check the DC high-voltage generator and discharge Whether the rod, pressure doubler, test product connecting wire, and grounding wire are correct, and whether the grounding wire is connected firmly, check whether the high-voltage safety interval meets the requirements, and then start the high-voltage test of the test product.

After checking and acknowledging that there is no abnormal situation in the instrument, turn on the single-phase communication 220V power switch. At this moment, the green light is on, indicating that the power is on, and you can start the DC leakage and DC withstand voltage test of the test product. Press the red button, and the red light is on. It indicates that the high voltage is switched on, and the voltage is increased, and the potentiometer is steeply adjusted in a clockwise direction, and the output end is boosted from zero. The boost speed is 3-5kV per second to increase the experimental voltage.

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