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Precautions for AC/DC Voltage Divider

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The AC and DC voltage divider is a capacitive equipotential shielding voltage divider type high voltage measuring device. It is mainly used for power frequency AC or DC high voltage measurement. It can replace high voltage electrostatic voltmeters. It has simple operation, intuitive display, high accuracy, small size, and weight. Light and other characteristics, it is suitable for power plants, substations, high-voltage electrical equipment manufacturers and high-voltage test laboratories as ideal equipment for high-voltage measurement.

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Precautions in use of AC and DC voltage divider:

1. During use, there should be no debris within 2 meters of the voltage divider below 100KV (3 meters for the 150KV-200KV voltage divider, 4 meters for the 300KV voltage divider) The instrument, the voltage divider, and the personnel should be in accordance with the power industry standards The operating procedures of the digital high-voltage meter are used to determine the distance. It is recommended to maintain a safe operating distance of at least 5-6 meters, adhere to the principle of handling with care, and avoid collisions.

2. The standard voltage divider should be placed in dry air, and should be placed back in the aluminum alloy case after use to avoid moisture.

3. When you hear a more obvious discharge sound, it means that the standard voltage divider may be damp, and there should be a dry blower to blow up and down for 1-2 minutes.

4. After the completion of the AC test, the special display meter will not return to zero immediately, but slowly decrease. This is due to the use of true effective value measurement methods. The zero return time is generally 10-15 minutes. If it is not completely reset, It does not affect the measurement accuracy.

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