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10 notes on relay protection tester test

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1. The microcomputer relay protection tester has a built-in industrial computer and Windows operating system. Please do not switch the power of the host too frequently.

2. The panel or back panel of the microcomputer relay protection tester is equipped with a USB socket, allowing hot plugging of USB devices (such as U disk, etc.), but it must be done after the data transmission is completed.

3. In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the built-in Windows operating system of the industrial computer, please do not delete or modify the files on the hard disk and the icons on the desktop at will, please do not operate, change, add, delete or use the built-in Windows system at will, so as not to cause The operating system is damaged. When using a USB disk to copy data, please make sure that the U disk is clean and virus-free, and please do not use the U disk to install other software programs in this system.

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4. When connecting an external keyboard or mouse, do not plug in the wrong port, otherwise the Windows operating system cannot start normally.

5. Do not turn off the power directly in the output state, so as to avoid malfunction of the protection due to output errors when it is turned off.

6. Binary input is compatible with empty contacts and potentials (0-250VDC). When using live contacts, the potential * end (positive) of the contact should be connected to the common terminal COM.

7. When using this instrument, please do not block or close the air vents of the body. Generally, place the instrument in a standing position or open the supporting feet and place it slightly inclined.

8. It is forbidden to introduce external AC and DC power into the voltage and current output jacks of the tester. Otherwise, the tester will be damaged.

9. If the site interference is strong or the safety requirements are high, please connect the ground terminal of the power cord (3-core) to the ground reliably or the grounding hole of the device before the test.

10. If there are problems with interface data error or equipment failure during use, you can solve it as follows: press the reset button down to reset the DSP; or exit the running program and return to the main menu, re-run the program, the interface is all The data are restored to default values.

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