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Failure analysis of circuit breaker tester

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Failure analysis of circuit breaker tester:

1. The LCD screen does not light up when the machine is turned on, please replace the power insurance. If it still does not light up after replacing the power insurance, please turn off the power immediately and return to the factory for repair. Please do not open the instrument panel to check, there is high voltage inside, pay attention to safety.

2. After changing the printing paper, printing is not displayed, because the printing paper is thermal paper, please put it on the other side.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer.png

3. After the instrument is plugged into the break line, the circuit breaker is in the open state and one or three phases of the instrument are all displayed in the closed state. There are two situations:

① If the broken wire is unplugged, the instrument becomes sub-state again, use the multimeter buzzer to check whether the broken wire is short-circuited or connected incorrectly.

②If the instrument is still in the closed state after unplugging the break line, check whether the circuit breaker has leakage with the AC file of a multimeter. If there is a leakage phenomenon, please do not connect to other fractures for testing. Tests can only be performed after the leakage is eliminated and other fractures are replaced.

4. The circuit breaker does not operate:

Test after connecting the test line. If the internal trigger control line is wired correctly, the instrument will issue a switching command and the circuit breaker will still not operate. First check whether the internal power supply setting of the instrument is correct, and then use the multimeter to switch to the DC gear (DC1000V), check whether the power output is normal, and connect the red and black wires of the internal trigger to the corresponding red and black wires on the multimeter needle. Voltage test menu energy storage interface to test whether there is voltage output. If it is in the closed state, connect the green and black wires to the multimeter for testing. If the voltage output is normal, check the control circuit of the circuit breaker.

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