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Safety instructions for loop resistance tester

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The loop resistance tester adopts sine wave inverter and high-power constant current switching power supply technology to measure micro-ohm contact resistance. It is widely used in the measurement of contact resistance, loop resistance of various switches and electrical appliances, as well as contact resistance of cables, wires and welds.

1. Measuring method of loop resistance tester

1. Wiring method: Note: All the connecting surfaces of the test clamp should be in reliable contact with the test product. Connect the special test wires according to the color red to red and black to black, and connect the thick current wires to the corresponding I+ and I- terminals and tighten them. , The thin power cord is inserted into the V+ and V- sockets, and two clamps clamp the two ends of the tested product.

Micro Ohmmeter.png

2. Measurement: After connecting to Figure 2 and completing the wiring, turn on the power switch and press the start button, the instrument will automatically complete power supply, steady current and resistance measurement.

3. Operation steps:

① Complete the wiring as required.

②Connect the test clamp to the sample.

③Turn on the power switch, the screen displays "Current 100A".

④Press the start button, the screen displays "Testing", and the instrument outputs current, the ammeter head indicates 100A, and then the screen displays the measured resistance and voltage values.

⑤After the test is over, press the start button and press the reset button after printing is completed, turn off the power, and remove the lead.

2. Operating safety instructions of the loop resistance tester

1. The operator should have common sense in the use of general electrical equipment or instruments.

2. After the test, press the reset button to turn off the power switch. Note: It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and assemble the test cables when powered.

3. If the loop resistance tester is abnormal, first press the reset button to reset the instrument.

4. The maintenance of the loop resistance tester must be carried out by professionals, and no self-treatment is allowed.

5. The loop resistance tester is used to measure loop resistance, and it is not allowed to measure inductive loops.

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