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How is the circuit breaker tester wired?

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In the power test work, it is often necessary to test the characteristics of high-voltage circuit breakers, and a circuit breaker dynamic characteristic tester is needed. Because of its simple use and powerful functions, this device is welcomed by the majority of power users. At that time, the wiring needs to be done carefully.

After the instrument arrives on site, first connect the protective ground of the instrument to the field ground before starting to learn other wiring and operations; after the test, turn off the power supply of the instrument and equipment, and then disconnect other wires, and then remove the ground wire, disconnect and reconnect When the switching time control power supply is provided by the internal management of the instrument company, disconnecting the tested switch can control the control and power supply in the box. Usually, the temperature control in the control box is used as a fuse connecting the power supply to the control bus, but the switch cannot be cut off in time Energy storage power supply for research institutions.

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The internal instrument can only provide direct current, the "trigger" mode and the internal power supply device. If the scene is to exchange the switch operating mechanism, use the "external" trigger. When used for the external power supply of the field control sub-switch, the "power control" is neither wired, Make a single test switch together, "externally trigger" the two wires, and then close the two ends of the coil; make a single test at the switching point, "externally trigger" the two wire ends, and then open the coil, when the operation is used External power supply, use "external trigger" mode, whether the external trigger mode switching mechanism can be AC or DC test, when using external trigger, there is no sub switch to control the power supply wiring.

Traditional speed measurement sensors usually use sliding wire resistors or photoelectric information sensors (divided into grating and photoelectric encoder). These methods are composed of student movement and static content. When measuring speed, they can be installed in the movement of the switch. Functional parts (moving contacts or lifting rods) and static parts (general cap holders or switch bases), and need to cooperate with us. In this way, for different switches of the enterprise, we need to make a lot of research on different installation engineering brackets. On-site construction, installation and disassembly are very difficult.

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