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Detect the resistance of transformer winding?

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The transformer is one of the indispensable electrical equipment in the power system, and it is also an important part of the power system. In the power preventive test, the power worker checks whether the welding quality of the internal wires and leads of the transformer winding is intact. Whether the position contact is possible, whether the transformer winding or lead wire is broken, whether there is a broken wire in the winding formed by several parallel wires in the parallel line of the transformer, and whether there is a short circuit between the transformer layer and the turns, it is necessary Detect the DC resistance of the transformer winding.

To detect the DC resistance of the transformer windings, we only need a DC resistance tester. This DC resistance tester uses a new power supply technology, which not only has fast measurement speed, but also has high measurement accuracy, and is also small in size and light in weight. , Easy to operate and other features,

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

The fast test speed of the DC resistance tester is reflected in: the output of the instrument is a constant current of 10A, which can effectively compensate the current inertia of large inductance equipment during the test process, accelerate the saturation of the iron core, and shorten the charging time and improve the measurement speed. The testing speed is hundreds of times that of traditional testing equipment,

The high accuracy of the DC resistance tester is reflected in the fact that the instrument adopts high-power and high-precision programmable constant voltage and constant current technology, stable anti-inductance and strong anti-interference ability, so the measurement accuracy is guaranteed.

The instrument also has a highly intelligent system. It has unique advantages for the analysis and calibration of test data. Therefore, how to detect the DC resistance of the transformer windings, our answer is that only a DC resistance tester is needed. , Testing the DC resistance of the transformer winding is an indispensable test item after the transformer is handed over, repaired and changed the tap switch.

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