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Dry-type transformer core must be grounded

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Dry-type transformers are a relatively important type of electrical appliances. For dry-type transformers, due to their different structures, the safety performance of dry-type transformers is also different. Generally speaking, the line of dry-type transformer generally has to go through three lines of live wire, neutral wire and ground wire. The iron core of the dry-type transformer must also be grounded for these three circuits. Grounding the iron core of the dry-type transformer will inevitably form a loop and connect the power supply, making the dry-type transformer safer. It is said that when installing dry-type transformers, we must pay attention to the grounding of the iron core. This is a must, otherwise, it will be troublesome for safety hazards. Regarding the issue of dry-type transformer core grounding, we will show you here.

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Dry-type transformer core grounding:

1. Why must the dry-type transformer core be grounded:

When dry-type transformers are in operation or test, the iron core and parts and other metal parts are in a strong electric field. Due to electrostatic induction, a floating potential is generated on the iron core or other metal structures, causing ground discharge and damaging the parts. Allowed, except for the threaded rod, the iron core and all its metal components must be reliably grounded.

2. Why is the iron core only allowed to be grounded at one point:

If there are two or more grounding points, a closed loop is formed between the grounding points. When the dry-type transformer is running, when the main magnetic flux passes through this closed loop, a circulating current will be generated, which will cause the iron core Local overheating, burning of parts and insulation, causing accidents, so only one point of grounding is allowed.

Although dry-type transformers are more important in people’s production and life, many things can be used to improve efficiency in more aspects with it, but its safety performance cannot be ignored, especially dry-type transformers. The neutral point of the transformer needs to be continuously connected. Otherwise, a dry-type transformer failure will be more troublesome, and sometimes human life may be affected.

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