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Precautions for deformed winding tester

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In the process of power transformer use, transformer winding deformation tester is often used to test the transformer winding deformation state and judge its performance. However, there are still many problems that need to be paid attention to during the use of this equipment:

1. First check whether the grounding condition of the transformer is good, and the casing leads should be completely untied.

2. Record in detail the nameplate data of the tested product and whether the original working conditions are abnormal, as well as the tap switch position under the current test condition of the tested transformer, and carefully enter the test product registration window.

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3. Establish a sub-directory for the data file of the tested product according to the condition of the tested product; after the test is completed, the measured data should be backed up to this directory, and attention should be paid to organize the work.

4. Data storage format: The file is stored in the form of ASCII code, and the user can read and modify it with various text editing software.

5. Measure the transformer that has just exited operation, and try to let it dissipate and cool down before measurement; but during the whole measurement process, the cooling method applied to it should be stopped and the temperature should be maintained to avoid excessive temperature changes during the measurement process and affect the measurement Consistency of results.

The precautions for the transformer winding deformation tester are mainly the above. Electric workers need to cherish the equipment and use them in a standard manner.

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