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Use high-voltage short-circuit ground wire

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1. Grounding of overvoltage protection

Lightning rods and lightning arresters are widely used in the lightning protection assembly. To strengthen the protection against high voltage short-circuit ground lines, the lightning rods enter the ground and pass through the process tower or building materials earth through the public ground. The lightning arresters must be inspected every year before the arrival of the thunder and drought season. The anti-effectiveness, on the lightning protection down conductor, never connect to the ground wire of other equipment, the lightning protection down conductor can only be directly into the ground separately, otherwise thunder and lightning will destroy other equipment through the down conductor, short-circuit the ground wire.

Earth Resistance Tester.png

2. Protective grounding wire

Shelter grounding is a sheltered assembly set up to prevent damage to the insulation caused by the electrification of the equipment and endangering the safety of the person. It has two methods of grounding and zeroing. According to the power delineation, the three-phase four-wire power system is adopted. The neutral point is grounded. The zero connection method should be used, and the equipment in the metal enclosure is connected to the neutral line through a wire, instead of directly grounding the equipment enclosure, especially in radio and television systems, switchgear in power distribution rooms, intermediate air conditioners, transmitter power supplies Switch equipment and large-scale power consumption and equipment, use short-circuit grounding wires.

3. Block the ground wire

Guard against electromagnetic sense of vision on the skin, protection of audio lines, high-voltage grounding wire barrier metal, metal enclosure of electronic equipment, barrier masks, metal barrier nets of construction materials (such as measured activity, selection and target barrier rooms) grounding steps , All ground to complex, difficult to explain obstacles, unclear feelings, obstacles at the same time have resistance to external nuisance, may be the nuisance formed through the process, and beware of electromagnetic interference between the internal components of the equipment, Such as the example of the master Zhou shell tube barrier cover, use a short-circuit ground wire.

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