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Dry-type transformer operating environment

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Dry-type transformers are a kind of transformers. For the use of dry-type transformers, attention should be paid to the method and operating conditions. The operation and efficiency of dry-type transformers are directly related to the current economic development and productivity improvement Helping. Dry-type transformers must conform to a certain environment during operation, so that dry-type transformers can operate.

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Many friends only know that dry-type transformers can be used as amplifiers for power supply, but they do not know that dry-type transformers can also be used in close combination with dry-type and amplifiers, and dry-type transformers can also be used as interference sources in the power grid. Put it completely into the amplifier, the main thing is that it can directly reflect the different changes in voltage and current generated by the amplifier to the grid. If the dry type produced by the dry-type transformer is interfered, it will also affect the quality of the amplifier. Therefore, even if the dry type of better quality is interfered, the quality of the amplifier will be seriously degraded.

If the dry-type test transformer has a relatively primary impedance phenomenon, we can wait for the reflected resistance and the load of the source resistance to be connected in parallel, which can also effectively intercept the low frequency, and can better enhance the noise in the transformer, so The dry-type transformer used must have a certain inductance content. Generally speaking, the magnetic rate of a good dry-type transformer is relatively high, and the expansion effect caused by the magnetic rate is also relatively high, and additional voltage can be continuously generated, which can reduce the occurrence of interference.

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