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The influence of dry-type transformer shell

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If you carefully observe the dry-type transformer, you can see the shell of the dry-type transformer, and the shell of the dry-type transformer is usually ignored. If the shell of dry-type transformer is observed by ordinary people, no problems can be seen, but in fact, the staff of dry-type transformer manufacturers can see many problems when they see the shell of dry-type transformer. The main manifestation of the impact of the dry-type transformer on the operation of the dry-type transformer is that the temperature of the shell of the dry-type transformer affects the operation of the dry-type transformer. The performance of its shell to the operating temperature of dry-type transformers is as follows:

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

1. The highest temperature in summer is often the time when the electrical load is the highest. The ambient temperature around the dry-type transformer is high and the load is large. The dry-type dry-type transformer is prone to overload operation. The temperature of the dry-type transformer shell naturally increases, which affects the dry-type transformer. Contribute.

2. The effective area of the ventilation holes in the housing of the power high voltage test transformer is the effective area, and the effective area of the ventilation holes is less than 1. Some designs did not pay attention to the difference between the opening area and the effective area and the location of the ventilation holes, resulting in actual dry The effective ventilation area of the transformer room cannot meet the requirements of dry-type transformer operation.

3. The size of the distribution room that is difficult to recruit for new substations is limited by the column spacing of the entire building. Some require that the outer size of the dry-type transformer should not be too large. The distance between the dry-type transformer shell and the wall is very small, which directly affects the dry-type transformer The surrounding ventilation effect.

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