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Oil-immersed transformer insulation material

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Commonly used insulating materials for oil-immersed transformers include insulating cardboard and transformer oil.

Liquid insulation materials: Transformer oil is commonly used (its insulation performance largely depends on the compressive strength of the oil), and various types of non-fuel oil (such as silicone oil).

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Solid insulation materials: such as transformer insulation paperboard (mainly made of unbleached sulfate fiber, belonging to cellulose insulation material, there are a large number of pores between the fibers, so it has strong air permeability, oil absorption and water absorption dry After being immersed in oil, the electrical performance is improved, and the smaller the air permeability, the higher the breakdown strength. Such as: crepe paper, cable paper, insulating cardboard), various winding insulation paper, epoxy resin, rubber, wood, glass fiber, electric porcelain, poly Ester compound, insulating paint, etc.

Gas insulating materials: such as SF6 gas, N2, etc.

It is especially suitable for power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research departments, etc. to conduct insulation strength tests under power frequency or DC high voltage for various high voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, and insulating materials. It is an essential equipment for high voltage testing. The oil-immersed test transformer is suitable for the insulation strength test of various electrical products, electrical equipment, insulation materials, etc. under the specified voltage, to assess the insulation level of the product, to find the insulation defects of the tested product and to measure the ability to withstand overvoltage. It is the basic test equipment for a wide range of users such as power stations, power supply and distribution systems and scientific research institutions.

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