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The use of high voltage generator discharge rod

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1. Reference to the use of supporting current-limiting resistors for DC high-voltage generators. Theoretically, current-limiting resistance R should be set in the AC or DC high-voltage test circuit. The purpose is to limit the current when the test product C x circuit discharges or breaks down. As for the damage to the test equipment when high-voltage short-circuit occurs; but in specific practice, the current-limiting resistor is not used due to various reasons; for this reason, our company considers that when the current-limiting resistor is not used, if the high-voltage lead falls into the ground, it will not Damage to the tester; In addition, a current-limiting resistor that is extremely convenient to install is designed; for this reason, the following suggestions are made for the use of current-limiting resistors:

DC Hipot Tester.png

1. The products produced by our company do not need current limiting resistors when conducting DC high voltage tests on power equipment such as zinc oxide surge arresters, ordinary valve arrester high voltage switches and power transformers.

2. When testing the power cable, a current-limiting resistor should be connected in series in the high-voltage circuit (just screw the matching current-limiting resistor to the high-voltage output bolt on the top of the voltage doubler).

2. The use of DC high voltage generator discharge rod

1. The special discharge rod must not be in direct contact or high-voltage DC discharge. Keep a certain distance. When the discharge rod initially produces corona discharge and the voltage on the test product gradually drops by 20% of the test voltage, then the discharge rod touches the microammeter shell to discharge ; Finally, directly hang the ground wire of the ground terminal of the discharge rod on the tested product.

2. Pay special attention to not allowing the ground wire to be directly discharged on the shell of the high-voltage micro-ammeter to avoid damage to the high-voltage micro-ammeter caused by the strong impulse discharge current.

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