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Troubleshooting DC high voltage generators

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The DC high voltage generator has a variety of protection functions, such as: low voltage overcurrent, low voltage overvoltage, high voltage overcurrent, high voltage overvoltage, zero protection, non-grounding protection, etc.

The DC high voltage generator adopts a sensor dedicated to fault sampling, the action time is nanoseconds, and the optical isolation element is also nanoseconds. The action time is generally 10 microseconds to completely shut off the DC main circuit, pushing the signal to quickly shut down to protect the output The end uses a special sensor to sample, and the response time is nanoseconds. Through nanosecond optical isolation elements and nanosecond analog switches, the driving signal of the power amplifier circuit is cut off within 2 microseconds to ensure that the output is short-circuited. Next, without damaging power devices, it refers to the high-voltage power supply mainly used for insulation and leakage detection. Now there is no strict difference between high-voltage power supply and high-voltage generator.

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The DC high-voltage generator must truly be used with one machine and two purposes, which greatly facilitates the use of on-site users. It is mainly used to study the DC precision power of electrical equipment and the insulation strength of converter station equipment and insulating materials under DC high voltage. Line corona and ion current and their effects, as well as the leakage current test of AC and DC power equipment. In addition, it can also be used as a power source for other high voltage test equipment such as impulse voltage generators, impulse current generators, and oscillation circuits.

We will inevitably encounter some problems when using the DC high voltage generator. The following is a common troubleshooting: In one case, turn on the power switch of the DC high voltage generator, and the power indicator does not light up. At this time, we need to check the power supply. Whether the fuse, power cord and power switch are in place; if any of them are damaged, please replace them in time. In the second case, after turning on the power switch of the DC high voltage generator, the power indicator green light flashes and there is a strange sound. At this time, we The following three possibilities must be considered: A is not grounded; B is grounded unreliable; C uses the generator power supply or the power supply through the switchgear isolation transformer. The solution is to check whether the grounding wire is reliable and re-ground it. /1 Isolation transformer or on-site spontaneous power supply, you must manually connect the power supply to the earth a little bit. In the third case, after turning on the power switch, the power supply indicates the green light is on and the high pressure indicates that the red light is off. In this case, the fault may be A regulation The piezoelectric potentiometer is not in the zero position; the overvoltage setting switch is set to zero; the high-voltage indicator button light may be damaged, we return the piezoelectric potentiometer to the zero position, and the overvoltage setting switch is set to the voltage value required for this test; Check the high-voltage indicator light if it is damaged, please replace it. In the latter case, the high-voltage digital micro-ammeter indicator is always zero during the use of the DC high-voltage generator. There may be three situations at this time. A high-voltage digital micro-ammeter may be damaged; The output wire of the ammeter may be short-circuited; C. The output wire of the microammeter is in poor contact. The solution is: A. Return the microammeter to the factory for repair. B Check the output wire of the microammeter. If there is a short circuit, please re-solder. C Check the output wire of the microammeter. Contact type power switch with microammeter, if it is damaged, please replace it in time.

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