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DC high voltage generator discharge steps

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guarantee The insulation has a certain degree of electrical strength, including DC withstand voltage, AC withstand voltage, etc. The disadvantage of the withstand voltage test is that it will cause certain damage to the insulation.

The DC high voltage generator adopts intermediate frequency voltage doubler circuit, applied PWM intermediate frequency pulse width modulation technology, closed-loop adjustment, adopts large voltage feedback, greatly improves voltage stability, uses high-power IGBT devices and their driving technology with high performance, and according to The electromagnetic compatibility theory adopts special shielding, isolation and grounding measures, so that the DC high-voltage generator is of high quality, portable, and can withstand the rated voltage discharge without damage. When it comes to discharge, you must understand the importance of other steps.

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After the DC high-voltage generator experiment is completed, first cut off the high-voltage power supply. Generally, the voltage on the test product needs to be reduced to less than 1/2 of the test voltage, and the test product is discharged through the resistance grounding, and the tail is directly grounded. For example, long cables, capacitors, large motors, etc., need to be discharged for more than 5 minutes to discharge the charge on the test product. In addition, when there is the possibility of inducing electrostatic voltage to nearby electrical equipment, it should be discharged or short-circuited in advance. After full discharge, the test product can be contacted. For the voltage doubler rectifier device assembled on site, the capacitors of all levels must be discharged step by step before changing the wiring or ending the experiment and removing the wiring.

For power cables, capacitors, generators, transformers, etc., the test product must be discharged through an appropriate discharge resistance. If it is directly discharged to the ground, a very high frequency oscillation overvoltage may occur, which is harmful to the insulation of the test product. The resistance depends on the test voltage and the capacitance of the test product. It must have sufficient resistance and heat capacity. Water resistance is usually used. The resistance value can be roughly 200~500Ω per kilovolt. The effective length between the two discharge resistors can be Refer to the length L of the high-voltage protection resistor for selection. The length L of the insulating part of the discharge rod of the DC high-voltage generator should meet the requirements of the safety regulations and not less than the effective length of the discharge resistor.

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