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DC resistance tester measuring transformer

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Transformer DC resistance tester is an indispensable instrument for measuring transformers. DC resistance measurement is a must-test item for semi-finished products, finished products factory test, installation, handover test and preventive test of the power department in transformer manufacturing. It can effectively find manufacturing defects such as material selection, welding, loose connection parts, missing strands, and broken wires of transformer coils. And hidden dangers after operation.

The measurement of the DC resistance of the windings is one of the routine tests of the transformer. Its purpose is to check whether the connection or mechanical characteristics between the windings, between the windings and the leads are good, whether the resistance between the phase windings is balanced, etc., to ensure the transformer Safe operation. Under normal circumstances, using traditional methods (bridge method and voltage drop method) to measure the DC resistance of transformer windings and high-power inductive equipment is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. The DC resistance fast tester shortens the measurement time and reduces the workload of the tester, and has the characteristics of rapid measurement, small size, convenient use, and high measurement accuracy. The self-test and automatic calibration functions reduce the difficulty of using and maintaining the instrument. The instrument can be operated automatically or manually. It is an ideal device for measuring the DC resistance of transformer windings and high-power inductive equipment.

Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester.png

The transformer DC resistance tester is a new instrument designed to measure the DC resistance of large-capacity transformers. It is designed as an integrated high-precision steady current power supply and test part. The test process is controlled by a computer. It automatically completes steady current judgment, data acquisition, data processing, and resistance. Value display and printing.

Note for use: 1. For no-load tapping transformers, it is not allowed to switch the tap switch during the measurement process.

2. The output terminal of this machine is equipped with a discharge circuit. When the output is turned off, the inductor will discharge energy through the instrument. The test line must be removed after the discharge instruction is completed.

3. During measurement, do not short-circuit the grounding of other untested windings, otherwise it will slow down the magnetization process of the transformer and prolong the data stabilization time.

4. If the power supply is suddenly cut off during the measurement process, the machine will automatically start to discharge. Please do not disassemble the wiring immediately. Wait at least 30 seconds before disassembling the wiring.

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