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Power frequency withstand voltage test method

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Operation method of AC power frequency withstand voltage test of oil-immersed test transformer

1. Reliably connect the oil-immersed test transformer with the operation box (set) and the test product and accessories. The shell and operating system of the test transformer must be reliably grounded. The high-voltage tail X end of the test transformer and the measurement winding F end must be reliably grounded.

2. The test personnel have a clear division of labor, clean up the site (if possible, pull up the shielding net), and send a dedicated person to monitor and observe the status of the test product.

Hipot Test Set.png

3. Check whether the voltage regulator is in the zero position and whether the input power is normal. The test product should be clean and absolutely dry.

4. Before the load test, an airlift test should generally be carried out. That is, when the test product is not connected, the test voltage is increased to calibrate various meters and adjust the ball gap.

5. Turn on the power, slowly increase the voltage, pay close attention to various meters, when the voltage rises to the test voltage, start timing, after 1 minute, quickly reduce the voltage, after the voltage is reduced to zero, cut off the power, The test product can be replaced or the test can be ended.

6. In the process of boosting or withstand voltage, if the following abnormal conditions are found, the voltage should be immediately reduced and the power supply should be cut off. Stop the test and find out the reason:

a) The pointer of the voltmeter swings greatly;

b) The insulation is found to be burnt or smoke;

c) There are abnormal sounds in the test product.

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